Floor Mounting Multiple
Spring Isolator


TOZEN Model PTM-AM series isolators are unhoused, spring, vibration isolators, designed for high deflection. The PTM-A employs the use of a single spring element, while the PTM-AM employs multiple spring elements for heavier applications. These laterally stable steel spring isolators are constructed with a leveling device at the top of the isolator and a non-skid acoustical pad at the bottom. Both models are constructed with upper and lower ductile cast iron holding cups to hold the spring element. In addition, PTM-AM have a mounting base plate to allow the isolator to be bolted to a structure and a resilient washer as part of the non-skid acoustical pad. The resilient washer helps prevent the transmission of noise and vibration from the base plate and mounting bolt to the structure.

The design of the spring elements, within the isolators, complies with established standard JIS B2704, for semi-permanent use. T o assure lateral stability, the outside diameter of the spring element is greater than 80% of the height of the compressed spring element when at rated load. All the spring elements are designed to provide a minimum of overloading capacity of 50%.

PTM-AM series vibration isolator are available in the standard deflections at 25 mm, and also available in deflections of 50 and 75 mm. Load capacity of the PTM-A isolators range from 25 to 1,400 Kgs (55 to 3080 lbs) and up to 5,600 Kgs (12320 lbs.) for PTM-AM isolators.

Tozen PTM-AM series of spring isolators are highly effective in the control of both high and low frequency vibrations produced by mechanical equipment, such as Reciprocating Air or Refrigeration Compressors, Pumps, Air Conditioning and Air Handling Equipment, Centrifugal and Axial Fans, Internal Combustion Engines and similar types of equipment.


PTM-AM series spring isolators are recommended for use in isolating floor mounted sources of noise and vibration located near critical quiet areas.

TM-AM series spring isolators can be used in a wide range of applications involving the isolation of mechanical equipment, such as Reciprocating Air or Refrigeration Compressors, Close Coupled and Base Mounted Pumps, Package Air Handling and Refrigeration Equipment, Centrifugal Fans, Internal Combustion Engines and similar equipment.


The vibration isolators shall be free standing, with laterally stable steel spring elements, without housings, snubbers or guides. The isolators shall be constructed with the ductile cast iron upper mounting cup and the ductile cast iron lower mounting cup to hold the spring element, and a non-skid acoustical pad is attached under the lower cup. The isolators shall be provided with an adjusting bolt, cap screw and washer in top of the isolator for leveling and attachment to the equipment. The spring elements of the isolator shall have an outside diameter greater than 80% of the height of the compressed spring element at rated load. All spring elements shall be designed to provide a minimum overloading capacity of 50%.

The isolators shall be selected to provide operating static deflection shown on the Vibration Isolation Schedule or as indicated by the project specifications. Isolators shall be color coded or otherwise identified to indicate load capacity.


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